Welcome to claypool Ceramic Studios

Claypool grew from an idea nurtured by a handful of potters in October 2012.

We envisioned a space as much a community of like-minded souls as it would be a centre for creative energy. We also recognised the need for this in Sydney, where studio space is rare and expensive.

In May 2013 the claypool pottery studio began and has quickly grown into a buzzing centre that reaches out to professional and non-professional potters. Our members create everything from tableware, ceramic jewellery, sculptures to architectural fittings.

Run as a collective by the core potters, claypool is enriched by the breadth of talent of its members, who use the resources of the studio and enjoy a happy and productive environment.

We aim to grow our profile in the wider ceramics community both nationally and internationally. In 2014 we successfully ran a series of master classes, exhibitions and informal events.

In 2015 we moved to Botany to a more spacious studio.












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