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Claypool has 5 core potters, 42 members and over twenty drop-in potters.
Our members consist of potters, ceramicists, sculptors, artists, designers and a few people who just love to dabble with clay.

The images below are of the members' works, some of whom have a link to their individual web pages, instagram or email addresses.
You can also contact claypool to find out more information.


It took me a really long time to throw anything that resembled something useable or somewhat functional. My initial goal was to replicate my favourite tea mug made some time ago by a brilliant anonymous potter. It was orange and copper and had the perfect weight and feel in my hand. One day, while camping and surfing, it was distroyed.

Years later I am still trying to make it. At first I thought it was a bargain at $1.50 in the thrift store, but now I realise that the original artist probably spent hundreds of dollars in its creation and I have spent even more in its recreation.

It's a good thing life is all about the journey and not the destination. My second goal is to make a really big bowl. I think it will be many more years before I make the perfect one.

Etsy store: Chibasan Ceramics
Website: In progress


After three years of playing with clay, Rebecca and her sister, Lauren created their brand Chuchu, comprising of their porcelain jewellery, stoneware dinnerware and kitchenware.

Chuchu's aim is to share our love for all things handmade, functional and fun. Things that you can't help but pick up and touch.
Instagram: hi_there_chuchu


Functional and sculptural pieces made on the wheel from porcelain and stoneware. The focus is on simple forms and tactile surfaces to bring moments of joy to the everyday

Intagram: kaz.davis


I am a graphic designer by profession and a maker of things by nature.

I discovered ceramics about 2 years ago after doing a community college course in porcelain jewellery... and have been experimenting with different techniques ever since.

I have always loved figurative sculptures so have a tendency to put a face on most of the things I make. I also love colour and porcelain is the ideal material to add vibrant colour to.

I use a simple, decorative and graphic approach to the pieces and I purpose glaze selected elements to highlight the contrast between matt and gloss.

Vanessa Bean, the name I work under, is a combination of my given name (Vanessa) and my childhood nickname (Bean)

Instagram: vbean


Recently relocated from Qld, I have been hand building with clay for about 20 years.

I am thrilled to have linked up with the other artists at the Claypool.


I have worked with clay on and off since 2008 and it's a practice that never ceases to surprise and delight.

Creating tableware, decorative pieces and jewellery, my ceramic pieces are to be used, worn and enjoyed.

Image: Plopp Host necklace



"individual tableware pieces made from highly textured dark stoneware"

Etsy: APottersTable


Shinhee G. Ma is a Korean born Australian artist based in Sydney with a special interest in making contemporary sculptural wares that are playful and functional for everyday use.

She has completed a B. A (Hons) degree in ceramics at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) and studied Master of Design at College of Fine Arts (COFA).

Shinhee has worked as a pewter gift-ware designer and taught art & craft to children for many years.



The pots seem to reflect my drawing background.

Fascination with lines, thick and thin, where they take you depends on the form of the pot.

Colour is gradually creeping in.


In the studio - a potter.
In the garden - a gardener.


Aboriginal artist, Dr. Peter Yanada McKenzie has been a practising artist/photographer both in the commercial and fine arts arena for many years.

He is an accomplished singer /songwriter who makes his own guitars and is currently working with ceramics at Claypool/Square One Studio.

He is a former lecturer at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW where he attained his MA Fine Arts. His PhD research was in the field of Ethnomusicology.

Image: 'Cathie's Hands'


After working in the arts and entertainment industry for 30 years I am now happily retired and have the time to pursue my interest in ceramics.

I have been fortunate to be invited to join a very creative and exciting environment at Claypool. I look forward to many years of learning and sharing knowledge with my very dedicated fellow potters and artists. My interest is in throwing, hand building and decorating.

I hope you enjoy our work


Wheel thrown decorative forms in stoneware and porcelain inspired by nature.
Porcelain Contemporary jewellerDuring her tertiary education />
Instagram: agathapupaher


"A love of colour and texture."


Natalie Rosin was born in Sydney, Australia. She currently practices as a ceramicist and graduate architect, having completed a Masters in Architecture from the University of New South Wales.
Her practice involves the intersection of these disciplines through architectural ceramic sculpture among other inquiries.
During her tertiary education in Australia and USA, she formally studied ceramics, sculpure and installation art.

Instagram: @natrosin

Image: Catalina (2015), raku + brass, 400 x 200 x 260mm


Woo : hand thrown ceramics for everyday love and use.